Using a Projector

One of the hardest things about using a projector is not the operational aspect of the machinery, but the choosing of the right model. There are so many projectors on the market, which means you really have no idea what model is going to work best in your situation. You may think that a long-throw projector is a good idea, but then you will hear from someone else that short throw projectors are a better fit. So what can you do? The best thing is to start slowly and to look at why you are going to need the projector in the first place.

For instance, you may want the projector to watch some movies indoors or outdoors. In these situations, long-throw projectors are usually a solid idea. They can be placed as far back as you want and the screen size is only going to get bigger. In some cases, you can even get as high as a 100 inch screen with a fairly standard projector. You will have to pay more for a 1080p projector, but even a 720p projector is going to look fantastic when you get the screen size to such massive heights and widths.

But what if you want a projector for business? In these cases, the short throw is your friend. These projectors can be placed fairly close to where you are projecting the image, which means you can place them on a table and have the image go up on the whiteboard that is right behind you. If you are giving a presentation or you need a projector for a class at school or college, these projectors are excellent. They are not going to work in the same way as long-throw projectors, but they are perfect for text, pictures and other types of media. So check out the various models on the market.