Wireless Services

As one of the top wireless service companies in a specific niche Parsa Wireless has been making a great deal of noise over the past few months. It is a very unique company in a few years, such as the structure of the company, and because of the services they provide to all of their clients. Their services are usually consisting of helping IP professionals solve the various problems they encounter on a daily basis. These problems include, but are not limited to, finding technical gems when there is a patent portfolio, looking for infringers, taking a look at opportunities for licensing, managing portfolios for patents, and developing or extending these existing technologies.

Another reason why you may want to deal with the company is because of their expertise with semiconductors. They are one of the foremost semiconductor experts in the region, and if you are dealing with any items or machines or electronics that involve these items, you are going to want to talk with the company to see if they can provide some valuable consulting or technical services. In such a situation, the best approach is to contact the company with your specific situation in mind. They are extremely receptive to new clients.

Contacting them is fairly easy. They have all the contact information for their general manager, a Dr. Kourosh Parsa, listed on their site. You can either email Dr. Parsa at his work email address, call him on his work or mobile phone, or visit the offices in person at their Greenwich, Connecticut location. They also have an office in Asia, which helps them deal with their clients in that part of the world. So depending on where you are located, you may want to contact their NA or Asia office for more information on how they can help you.